Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional services with integrity and honesty while building and developing solid professional relationships with providers and insurance companies. 

The Playing Field is Changing

With health care becoming managed/privatized and traditional Medicare numbers declining providers need to adapt and react in order to maintain market share. Many counties in numerous states have over 50% managed care saturation! In addition, Medicaid in numerous states is becoming managed with Medicaid HMO Products and LTC Products. ​

Your Customers Have Options

More seniors with fixed incomes are gravitating to managed Medicare. The baby boomers are more informed and healthy so the up-front benefits steer them to replacement policies. There is also the lure of not having to buy supplemental insurance. 


To extend the reach of our contract efforts to more counties in each of the states we have a presence, increase rates and improve terms of current contracts, and expand into other states.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience Brings You Value

USMCS, LLC has over twenty-five years of managed care organization relationships and operates in 24 states. The cost is minimal compared to the average revenues that are generated with the contracts. The size of our network and our experience positively enhance the contracted rates available to our clients.